Wright seeks fair divide of Federal Mineral Lease money

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Representative Jared Wright asks state senators to step up when it comes to money for the western slope.

When oil and gas companies extract energy resources from our public lands they pay a royalty on it. In the past, 50% of the Federal Mineral Lease Royalty payments were kept by the government and the other half pumped back into the community.

In 2008, it changed and now the government skims a 2% fee off the money that goes back to the people.

"The people here at home, almost everyone in some way that lives in this community, is impacted in a positive economic way by the oil and gas production and they're now not seeing the benefits from that coming back to our community," said Representative Jared Wright.

Wright wrote a letter to Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet asking them to stop the current Federal Mineral Lease payments practice in order for the Western Slope to take in more money.

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