Felony DUI bill falls short

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Grand Junction resident Ellie Phipps Oliver knows all too well how dangerous repeat DUI drivers can be.

Early one morning she was rear-ended by a man high on methamphetamine. The crash left her with life-changing injuries and she is still recovering.

For nearly a decade, Colorado lawmakers have been working to create a law targeting repeat DUI offenders.

Senator Steve King brought Ellie to Denver to share her story with lawmakers, but to no avail.

Their latest attempt at a bill was killed Tuesday, keeping Colorado as one of only four states in the entire nation without legislation on the topic.

"I think a lot of focus was put on special interest groups and their priority and needs before the families and the victims of the people who have been killed in the State of Colorado," says Ellie. "It's my understanding there was 131 people killed last year in our state at the hands of drunk drivers, that's too many."

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