GJFD presents study results to city council

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) – The Grand Junction Fire Department gave city council members a look at the final proposal of a study conducted over the last several months.

An independent company has been collecting information for the comprehensive fire services study, looking at input from several sources to determine how departments can work together to better serve the Grand Valley.

Among the information was a two-page survey completed by residents. The results of this were factored into the report.

Overall the study evaluated current conditions, both strengths and weakness of the department as a whole. In the end, 13 different recommendations, including changes to Pear Park, were presented.

Many of these recommendations did not come as a surprise to council members.

"We've been talking about that at council for about two years. It’s a low coverage area between Grand Junction and Clifton. It's a high residential area, and so it's been discussed about the possibility of adding a new fire station in the Pear Park area,” said Grand Junction Mayor Bill Pitts.

One of the changes could include developing an annual training system that would be consistent for all stations. City council will consider the final proposal at a future meeting.

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