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Tis the season to give, but it may be a bit of a challenge for some to find the perfect place for their extra coin. There are plenty of deserving non-profits both national and local, and one local financial advisor says if you got the money to spare give the group that touches your heart.

"There are so many places out there that do good work, and any small amount you can donate will make a difference," said Mike Berry of Legacy Wealth Management.

If your searching for a place to send your donation locally, the United Way of Mesa County is a great place to start.

"They have to pass a panel, which means they sort of have to get a stamp of approval before receiving funding from United way," said Amanda Crysler of United Way Mesa County.

Each applicant must prove that they are financially responsible, do not have any duplicating services and have a viable board. An organization must be a part of the community for more than two years with plans of sticking around before applying.

Crysler said every little bit donated counts.

"Even if you give a dollar, a dollar and fifteen cents, pocket change really, you are going to help feed someone at the soup kitchen this year," said Crysler.

Berry said, giving locally can ensure all of your money is going straight to the hands of someone in need, since smaller organizations have little to no overhead costs.

"Just do it, there's lots of places to go and lots of good causes to give to," said Berry.

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