Finding the right sitter

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Summer weather has everyone on the western slope excited for a night out, even moms and dads.

Many parents leave their kids in the hands of babysitters, but who should your trust with your little ones?

There’s many agencies here in the Grand Valley that make the nanny search easy for parents by filtering out less than qualified candidates.

If you are conducting your own babysitter search, CPR certification and past experience are two of the most important things to look for in a caretaker for the kids.

The Red Cross in Grand Junction is doing its part to train childcare providers for emergency situations with new training courses this summer.

“What we really work on is just making sure that we're training babysitters to help out the community to make sure that there are safe babysitters out there,” says Eric Myers of the American Red Cross.

The courses are a blend of online and in-person lessons that train childcare providers for a wide range of emergency situations that often arise when dealing with children.

On top of making a babysitter more prepared, CPR and extensive care training allows individuals to distinguish themselves amongst the competition.

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