Fire prevention week advocates safety, education

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KKCO)-- On Friday, Oct. 5th, President
Obama ordered flags lowered to half-staff in recognition of fire prevention week.

"If a fire does start in your house, it's very important to remember that you need to call us and get out," said Grand Junction firefighter Derek Trombetta.

Trombetta says smoking, candles and electrical appliances are common causes of fires. The kitchen or bedroom are common places for fires to start.

"You never want to impede the safety of yourself; try and put something out; that's what we're here for. Get a safe distance. Use your pre-plan. Call 9-1-1," added Trombetta.

Firefighters educate the public the same way they do schoolchildren.

"Stop, drop and roll is huge, and that would actually be if people catch themselves on fire with their clothes: stopping, dropping to the ground, covering your face, rolling around," said Trombetta.

Smoke detectors are a small investment with a huge payoff.

"Safety isn't that expensive; if you're going to be buying smoke alarms, you can definitely do it, and it will only cost you about $6, and $6 can save a life," advised Stephen Sharman, a customer service associate with Lowe's Grand Junction.

Sharman helps educate people on smoke detectors.

"It's good to have them on every floor of your house, especially in sleeping areas, and it's also a good idea to have them outside of the sleeping areas; but you definitely want to have them if you have a basement; you want to have them in the basement," said Sharman.

It's also important to check your batteries once a year, and test your smoke detector once a month because while we never know when disaster will strike, we can be prepared.

"What we try and do is educate and prevent fires before they start because that's the only surefire way to never have any damage or any loss of life is make them stop before they start," said Trombetta.

Fire officials also encourage you talk to your children about not playing with matches or fire, and have a plan in case a fire forces you to evacuate your home. Fire prevention week runs through Saturday, Oct. 13.

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