Firearm background checks

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. New data about background checks for firearm sales in Colorado is being disputed by Republicans.

The figures have been used to argue against a GOP bill that would repeal the laws, but are they being skewed?

In just the last half of 2013 there were nearly 6,200 background checks on private gun sales in Colorado, but Colorado Republicans say most of them aren't because of the new legislation.

Of those 6,200 background checks, more than one-third were done at gun shows.

And GOP members in Colorado say those reviews have been required long before the new laws passed.

But while arguing against a bill to repeal the legislation, the director
of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and several Colorado democrats attributed all of them to the new law.

Colorado Republicans say, in fact, the figures show very little change in the number of background checks done for private firearm sales in the state.

CBI released these most recent figures on Friday of last week.

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