Firearm training taken up a notch

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Firearm training is being taken to the next level, as a facility in Grand Junction is using a virtual simulation exercise to make learning how to defend yourself as real as possible.

Citadel Security and Investigations has a 'Tactical Laser Simulator.' This type of training allows the student to practice defending themselves in life-like situations.

A virtual person pops up on the screen and interacts with the student, who's able to shoot 'dry fire' at the bad guy. An instructor is present and operates the machine.

"If they have to engage somebody that's trying to victimize them, they know how to do that and it's a real person, it's not paper, a paper target, it's someone that you can see and they're moving and it's different," said Brent Jagger the CEO of Citadel Security and Investigations.

Citadel Security will be featuring this training program in their concealed carry courses and you can rent it by the hour with a certified trainer.

Citadel will also be using this system to train their security officers, which will bring them to a Federal training level.

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