Firefighters get tips for staying healthy on the job

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Local emergency responders are looking to improve their own health so they can continue helping others.

The Grand Junction Fire Department had a health and wellness training session for three hours Friday morning.

Firefighters and EMTs practiced the correct way to lift weight so they don't hurt themselves while out on a call.

"It's a strenuous activity what we do," said GJ firefighter Maple Taylor. "We have to learn how to properly and safely bend down and pick a patient up for example."

They also learned how to stay healthy mentally and what resources they can look to if the job is becoming too stressful.

"When you have the sleep deprivation, some of the things you might see on a scene, it's very stressful," Taylor said. "So we want to make sure all firefighters are as healthy as they can be."

The firefighters learned some new tips for eating right as well.

These kinds of training sessions are important to build up their skills, so they're always healthy and prepared if disaster may strike, Taylor said.

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