Firefighters teach sidewalk CPR

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. Every year the first week in June is National CPR week, and on Thursday the Grand Junction Fire Department spent time teaching residents how to do compression only CPR.

Fire Department officials say the idea of performing Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation can be intimidating, but they say doing compression only CPR can make it less intimidating.

The fire department played music to help residents get into the rhythm of 100 times a minute.

"So center of the chest at about 100 a minute to the beat of staying alive is a good gauge to go by, just hard and fast, deep compression for 100 a minute until we get there," said Firefighter/Paramedic, Brian Clark.

Clark also said there are only two important things everyone should do when they see someone having a Cardiac Attack.

The first is to call 911 and then start performing chest compressions until paramedics arrive.

They say educating people about chest compression CPR is important because nearly 80% of all cardiac problems occur outside of the hospital.

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