Flights added from Montrose to Oakland, Phoenix

Montrose Regional Airport picked up two new seasonal flights this winter.

Starting in December, travelers will be able to hop on a flight to Oakland and Phoenix through Allegiant Air.

Airport officials say they’ve worked to make the rate affordable and the timing convenient.

"It's kind of complicated because we wouldn't go east because of the legacy carriers, so these markets are the best, both as a leisure traveler and because of the other airlines coming into the area," said Michael Martelon with the airport.

He hopes the new flights will increase tourism in Western Colorado.

"It’s enormous for the entire region, not just for Telluride and for Montrose. With these kind of flights, the economic impact is tremendous," said Martelon.

He said officials have been researching the proposed destinations for a year now.

The first flights will lift off Dec. 15, and the routes will end by April 3.

Flights to Phoenix Oakland will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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