Food handlers in Mesa County work to prevent norovirus

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Norovirus has become the leading cause of food borne illness in the US, and about 70% of outbreaks result from contaminated food from improper food handling.

No problems have been reported in Mesa County yet, staying alert to unsafe food practices will help keep you and your family safe.
It’s not required by the law, but completing food handler classes teaches servers, cooks, and kitchen staff the ins and outs of food safety.

"We strongly encourage all operators to establish their own policies requiring food handler cards, we offer our class here monthly at the health department,” says Monique Mull of the Mesa County Health Department.

Classes cover everything from proper hand washing techniques, food cooling and heating temperatures, and sanitation practices needed in every restaurant.

Food borne illnesses come about through food contamination during the food preparation process and can be largely be avoided by continuous cleaning.

"Nobody wants to be or anybody to get sick at their restaurant with the food that they eat so we try and make sure our employees are educated and that we do keep everything clean,” says Bocaza owner, Terry DeHerrera.

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