Former Montrose teaching employee suspected of sexual assault

MONTROSE, Colo. The Montrose Daily Press is reporting that a former Peak Virtual Academy employee was issued a summons late Wednesday alleging sexual assault.

Lawna Lea Wolfe, 37, of Montrose, is accused of two class-1 misdemeanor offenses of sexual assault on two boys who were at least 15, but younger than 17 as of June 4, while she herself was at least 10 years older, according to the complaint and information on file with the Montrose Combined Courts.

No attorney was listed for Wolfe, who said she did not know about the complaint. The Daily Press obtained a copy of the complaint. The courts told the Daily Press the summons had been issued, but the later clarified they had not received return of service on the complaint. Wolfe is set to appear in court at 8:30 a.m. Oct. 20.

Wolfe was placed on administrative leave when the Montrose County School District was notified of the police investigation, said district spokeswoman Mindy Baumgardner.

Wolfe no longer works at the academy according to the Press, her contract had expired.

Placing employees on leave during criminal investigations is standard procedure, regardless of whether they are contract employees, Baumgardner told the Montrose Paper.

Wolfe's email address is still listed on the Academy's Facebook page, last updated in November 2013.

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