Official: Mental health factor in Fort Hood attack

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FORT HOOD, Texas FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) -- A Fort Hood official says the unstable mental condition of the gunman who killed three people and wounded 16 others at the Texas military base is believed to be an underlying cause of the attack.

Fort Hood's senior officer, Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, said Thursday that there's "very strong evidence" that Spc. Ivan Lopez had a medical history indicating an unstable psychological condition and that it was believed to a "fundamental underlying cause" in Wednesday's shooting.

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Investigators today have been searching the home of the man who opened fire yesterday at Fort Hood in Texas, killing three people and wounding more than a dozen others before taking his own life.

A spokesman at Fort Hood say they've also been questioning the wife of the soldier, who's been identified as Ivan (ee-VAHN') Lopez.

A top Army official says the soldier had seen a psychiatrist last month, and didn't show any signs of being a threat to himself or others. Army Secretary John McHugh adds that there are no apparent ties to extremist groups.

He says the soldier didn't see any combat during a four-month deployment to Iraq in 2011.

A woman who lived in the same apartment complex as Lopez near Fort Hood says not many people knew him or his wife very well, because they had just moved in a few weeks ago. She says she would see Lopez in uniform going to his car every morning, and that he was friendly.

At a hospital that's treating nine of the survivors of the shooting, doctors say at least three are in critical condition today, but they are expected to survive.

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Four people were dead, including the gunman, and at least 16 others were wounded in a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas.

The gunman, identified as Ivan Lopez, 34 — an enlisted soldier — took his own life with a .45-caliber Smith and Wesson semi-automatic pistol, officials said.

According to a U.S. military official Lopez was active-duty soldier who was assigned to a Sustainment Brigade.

The Texas Army base was the scene of a mass shooting in 2009. Thirteen people were killed and more than 30 wounded in what was the deadliest attack on a domestic military installation in history.

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