Four- day school week back on the table

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Tuesday’s school board meeting put the idea of a four- day school week back on the table.

The 2013-2014 calendar committee presented the board with different sample calendars for next school year. with three big differences.

The first is a traditional calendar, basically mirroring the one from this year.

A second option is for a four- day school week, which would shorten summer break, add an hour and a half to the school day, add a fall break in October and a second week of spring break. That option would start the school year in July and would require the district to re- negotiate all of its contracts. For that reason, the committee said it would need a transitional year, meaning it wouldn't actually go into effect until the 2014- 2015 school year.

The third option would keep a five day school week, but extend the school year, starting it earlier in August or even July.

The board will pick a preferred concept in late January, sending them back to the drawing board to finalize a calendar in February. But first, they want to hear from you, the community, and plan to set up community forums some time in January.

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