Four days left for last-minute shoppers

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If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, you are by no means alone.

Procrastinating on the presents seems to be more contagious this year.

A Consumer Reports survey completed earlier this week found a whopping 68 percent of us still haven't finished our Christmas shopping, which is pretty consistent with another survey by

"Over half the people we surveyed are only halfway done," says RetailMeNot's Trae Bodge.

The National Retail Federation even expects many of us to be shopping right up until closing time Christmas Eve.

Still, there is some concern-- among retailers especially-- that this may be more than just people procrastinating: that they've actually stopped spending.

That's exactly what what the financial advice website found in a recent survey.

"One in three Americans say that they have cut back in their spending just within the last 30 days specifically due to worries about the fiscal cliff," says financial analyst Greg McBride.

Still, like years past, last minute shoppers will likely be rewarded for waiting, although discounts may not be as deep.

"A 35% off site-wide discount is substantial, so you will save and you will continue to save throughout the week but you may not find that 40% off plus-level-of-discount this close to the holiday," Bodge says.

And like before, retailers including Target, Sears, Best Buy and Toys "R" Us are planning extended hours or different last minute sales this weekend to attract shoppers, last minute or not.

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