Fourth of July fireworks frenzy

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. It's finally the big day! The Fourth of July is here and many Grand Valley residents are rushing to purchase those last minute fireworks for Friday's festivities.

It's the first time in nearly three years that the fire ban in the valley has been lifted and many people are eager to make up for lost time.

Vendors are quickly selling out of their biggest and brightest lights as the crowds continue to make their way fireworks stands.

It's not the sparklers that are most popular this year...the hottest items in the store are combo packs and large fountain fireworks.
“This year we spent 120 dollars on fireworks, having my mother over, barbecuing,” says Fawn Frasier.

There's no fire ban, but that doesn't mean you can light up wherever and whenever you want.

Fireworks are prohibited from being set off on any public lands and fire officials urge everyone to be cautious as conditions in the valley are extremely dry.

If you happen to light any property on fire you are liable for the damages and could be charged with fourth degree arson.