Free 3-D mammograms in the Grand Valley

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FRUITA, Colo. Beginning August 20th, Family Health West will be offering 3-D mammograms to 100 uninsured women of the Western Slope.

Their approach to healthcare is once again making leaps and bounds by giving women who otherwise would go without testing and remain undiagnosed an opportunity to receive a life changing exam.

Despite the arrival of the Affordable Care Act, there’s still a population of people, specifically, women without access to medical services.

“It's more prevalent than what people are aware of. We take calls daily from women who maybe have friends or relatives who don't have access to mammograms and other healthcare,” says Shauna Blair of Family Health West.

Family Health West isn't just offering free exams, they're also ensuring that women are able to make it to their appointments by providing them transportation.

It's the hope of the hospital and its current patients to see programs extending medical services to struggling citizens pop up across the valley.

“One mammogram can make all the difference in the world if you do yourself exams you may not detect something that can come up on a mammogram,” says Lisa Vigil, who has a friend battling breast cancer.

The free 3-D mammograms are available to all women of the Grand Valley who are uninsured and considered low income earners.

Registration for the exam must be done directly through Family Health West.

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