Sheriff's class teaches of impacts of pot on teen brain

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - The passing of Amendment 64 makes marijuana more mainstream, but many parents are concerned for their children, who will likely be more exposed to the drug.

Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and Crime Stoppers are partnering to bring teens and parents a one-hour class to see what marijuana can do to a developing brain and a bright future.

"We're really focusing on how the adolescent brain develops and how introducing the toxins-- especially the active ingredient THC for marijuana -- affects that development in teen brains," said Deputy Chad Williams with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.

Researchers in New Zealand found a person between the age of 13 and 38 who smokes marijuana four days a week loses an average of 8 IQ points.

Such a drop, researchers say, could ruin long-term career options, job performance and income.

Stats like this make the class even more important for not only teens, but their parents as well.

"To be able to sit together and learn together, it gives parents a way to be able to start the conversation intelligently with their teens," said Deputy Williams.

The class on Mar. 5 is filling up quickly, but there will be a second class added on Mar. 11.

You can register for either class by clicking the link below.

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