Friends remember motorcycle crash victim and urge safety on the roads

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Friends of recent crash victim Colton Morgan remember him for his positive spirit, thirst for adventure and love of motorcycle riding.

"He loved his bike," said friend Bridget Moncada. "It meant a lot to him that he had made it so far in his life and he could afford his own things."

It was that bike that led to Colton's death Saturday morning. He ran through a stop sign at 28 Road and Elm Ave, hitting a pick-up truck.

"At least he was doing something he loved," Moncada said. "That’s the way me and my friends feel about it. I’m glad he went out happy."

Colton's friends said he was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, but he was a speed demon when he got on that bike.

"He always wore his helmet," Moncada said. "He was always safe. I’m not saying he was an irresponsible driver. He was just a crazy wild child."

Motorcyclists remind people to wear protective gear in addition to helmets. Jackets and pants with armor inserts as well as specially-made boots and gloves help protect the entire body.

"You don’t have a cage around you like you don’t have a car," said Tom Jackson, of Grand Junction Harley Davidson. "So riding gear is very important. It protects you from injuries and possible death."

Following the rules of the road is another way for motorcyclists to stay safe.

"Take precaution, look both ways, and drive as safe as you can because there are other people around that could get hurt too," Moncada said.