Know more on how to protect water pipes from freezing

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For weeks residents have been braving sub freezing temperatures and now the weather is causing big problems underground, water providers said crews are slammed working to repair broken lines.

The frost is reaching down into the ground more than three feet, and Ute Water PIO Joseph Burtard said that this is an uncommon occurrence in the Grand Valley but it is having dramatic effects on many customers in the area.

Burtard said he expects another round of problems and even more broken pipes next week if the weather warms up.

"We are going to see the grand valley warm up over the next week, and because that's going to start thawing the ground is going to start shifting when the ground shifts we see an increase in the number of water line breaks," said Burtard.

There are some steps you can take to keep your water running smoothly.

- Make sure your garage doors close completely
- Be sure to open the cabinet doors below sinks occasionally to let heat in
-run a small stream of water through faucets from time to time
-Make sure all heated areas near your plumbing are working properly
-Install heat tape and insulation around exposed plumbing

With these tips in mind Burton said customers should be able to make it through til warmer weather and said Ute water crews have been working around the clock to repair customer lines.

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