Fruita author releases novel nationwide

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A Fruita Author releases his novel "Code Name Joshua" nationwide this week. Author, S.K Alfstad wrote the fiction Chritsian suspense novel during his down time while serving in Afghanistan as a U.S. Army Chaplain.

The storyline centers around a family man living in central Texas who reluctantly joins the C.I.A. Alfstad is a Texas native himself and draws on his own life experiences. Alfstad said its important for soldiers to be productive in their down time.

"One of main coping mechanismis is to tell them to do something constructive during there down time, for example some soldiers work on their education some learn an instrument, so i figure i better practice what i preach," said Alfstad.

The book is available on line on and Barnes and Alfstad said he is working on a second book that is a non-fiction memoir about his time in the military, and said he is close to having that manuscript completed.

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