Fruita coloring book for the kids

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Fruita, Colo. (KKCO) --- The Fruita Historic Preservation Board has begun a project to make a coloring book all about the history of Fruita.

The board plans on having enough books to give one to every single Fruita fourth grader in public school, private school or homeschool.

Today officials with the board hosted a garage sale to raise funds for the printing of the books.

"We're going to have free copies available at the welcome center and any other businesses in town that want them, we'll try to have free copies available for them," said Fruita Historic Preservation Board member, Steve Hight.

The fundraiser began at 7:30 Saturday morning and after only two hours, organizers had sold almost half of what they had started the day with.

Sale items were donated by the Historic Preservation Board, the City of Fruita, the Fruita Thrift Shop, the Fruita Rotary Club and other locals.

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