Fruita parents on high alert after rumors of threats

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Fruita 8/9 and Fruita Monument High School parents were on high alert today after concerns about alleged school threats.

District 51 officials said the threats were just rumors. Fruita 8/9 administrators sent an email to parents today with the following statement:

"The former students who have been at the base of many rumors of threats have both been picked up and are being held in police custody."

Fruita Police Sergeant John Coughran said the two individuals are in custody with the Department of Youth Corrections on charged unrelated to the threats, but would not specify what those charges were.

Sergeant Coughran said any threat will be taken seriously, no matter how vague it is.

"With the climate of schools today, anything is possible and we definitely investigate whole heartedly any threat involving the schools," he said.

Nonetheless, just the thought of school threats has parents on edge.

"I was very worried about sending them to school today," said Fruita 8/9 parent Leanda Ridgeway. "It's one of our worries as parents, we send our kids to school because we think they're going to be safe."

All District 51 schools were already on high security this week with increased police presence.

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