Fruita tops charts as the safest city on the Western Slope

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FRUITA,Colo. Have you ever wondered how safe the city you live in really is?

The Movoto Real Estate Company comprised a list of the cities in Colorado that have at least 10,000 residents and from there they ranked them by safest using data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report.

They looked at Violent Crimes, Property Crime, Murders, and the total number of crime.

Three Western Slope Cities made the cut of the 39 safest cities, Fruita, Montrose, and Grand Junction.

Fruita topped the charts at number 5, and Kris Flenniken a Fruita resident said that she doesn’t find that surprising since residents work hard to look out for one another.

"I just have never felt any kind of threat from people that are around or at night it's just very quiet and very safe," said Flenniken.

In 2012 there was a total of just over 2,000 crimes reported and no murders which are extremely low, especially when compared to Federal Heights which is similar in size that had a total of over 6,000 reported crimes 8 of which were murders.

Grand Junction made the list at number 34 and Montrose ranked number 28.

For a full list of the cities and to see a breakdown of the crimes reported in each city visit

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