Fruita works to improve pedestrian safety

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FRUITA, Colo. New measures must be taken to keep pedestrians in Fruita safe.

The Fruita City Council met on Tuesday to discuss several options for making highway 340 at the I-70 overpass safer for people to cross.

The council has already approved a $25,000 budget to make the path safer, and they are now discussing how to best use that money.

There are several options available, but widening the current sidewalk or increasing fences and the height of those fences are the more viable options that the city council is looking into.

Tuesday night the council listened to the options that city engineer Ken Haley presented, after discussing the options they will decide on a few that they are more interested in.

After that they will look further into the costs and construction details of these options and then at a later date make a formal vote and decision on what to do.

“It’s the only place that pedestrians and bicyclist can cross I-70 to get from one side of Fruita to the other and so City Council has identified it as a critical project," said Haley.

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