Fungi growing in dishwashers causes infections

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Grand Junction, Colo (KKCO) --- Dishwashers are not as clean as once believed according to new research from Medical Mycology, which states 62% of dishwashers carry fungi that could lead to lung and skin infections.

The warm and damp environment is a perfect breeding growth for fungus to grow and the biggest spot for growth is around the rubber seal on the door, which must be cleaned or can be replaced easily.

Chris Gumone, Owner of Appliance Parts Plus, said the best way for people to keep their dishwashers clean is to follow these tips:
• Run your dishwasher on the hottest setting
• Do not leave dirty dishes on the racks for a long period of time
• Immediately remove dishes after the cycle is finished
• Use vinegar to clean your dishwasher once a month
• Leave the door open until everything is dried out

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