GJ Chamber of Commerce announces candidate endorsements

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The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce has announced which candidates the chamber is endorsing for the 2012 election. The Chamber published its 2012 Voter's Guide today.

The chamber is endorsing the following candidates:

US House District 3: Scott Tipton (R)
State House District 55: Ray Scott (R)
Mesa County Board of Commissioners District 1: John Justman (R)
Mesa County Board of Commissioners District 3: Rose Pugliese (R)

Before selecting candidates, the chamber held forums and one-on-one interviews with each of the participating candidates.

"We don't care whether you have an 'R' or a 'D' next to your name, our filter is always 'B,'" said Betsy Bair with the Chamber of Commerce. "For businesses, that's the most important filter we go through in the process of endorsing candidates is how they fell on business issues and how they're going to go advocate for the business community."

Bair said State House District 54 candidate Jared Wright chose not to participate in the selection process and, as a result, the selection committee felt it lacked enough information to endorse a candidate in that race.

For small business owners like Jerry Martinez, of Jerry Martinez Insurance Agency, the guide serves as an efficient way to learn about local candidates.

"From a small business owner's standpoint, time is of the essence," Martinez said. "We want to be well-informed as we make our decisions, and at the same time, we want to make sure that before we make the decision we have some facts in order to base those decisions on."

The Voter's Guide includes three questions and answers with participating candidates. Bair said the guide is of use to members of the local business community, as most questions pertain to issues relevant to business owners.

Copies of the guide are available at the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, located at 360 Grand Ave., or online by following the link below under Related Links.

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