GJ Fire takes to the water

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. They're an all-risk agency, fighting fires and answering emergency medical calls. And on Tuesday, the Grand Junction Fire Department trained its newest members in boat rescue.

At Tuesday’s rescue operations and river familiarization training, firefighters learned to gear up, launch, and steer river rescue boats.

Fire officials say that learning to keep themselves safe during a river rescue is just as important as learning to save lives in the water.

"This time of year, with the spring runoff, the conditions on our rivers change all the time, so it's very important for us to anticipate where those hazards might be,” says Shawn Montgomery of the Grand Junction Fire Department.

GJ Fire is the largest fire department between Salt Lake City and Denver, so it's critical that firefighters can respond to any type of hazard that occurs on the Western Slope.

This year's high snow pack has river level high making the river more dangerous than other years, and they want to be ready for anything.

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