Roadside assistance for cyclists

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Western Slope cyclists are pedaling a little easier after a well known car insurance provider offers to lend them a helping hand.

AAA Colorado has extended roadside assistance to cyclists and their bicycles.

Mountain biking and road cycling are two of the most popular outdoor sports here on the Western Slope, and now, cyclists don't have to worry about being alone on the trails.

"Most people that ride a bike also own a car, so this is a way to serve our members and give them a new benefit that they've been asking us for," says Wave Dreher of AAA Colorado.

Roadside assistance to bicycles works exactly the same as it would for a car or motorcylce.

All it takes is a phone to get some help on the way.

There is a catch! road assistance vehicles must be able to reach you, so if you are in a hard to reach place or narrow trail, roadside assistance will not apply.

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