GJ Rockies players put their English skills to the test

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. For athletes on the Grand Junction Rockies Baseball team, learning the ins and outs of baseball and how to play in a professional environment is all part of the game.

But for many of the players, it’s also their first time in the United States and learning the English language is a whole other challenge.

The Cultural Development Program teaches players from other countries how to succeed by teaching them the English language plus financial planning and things about the American culture.

As a final project, the team spoke in English in a two minute presentation about themselves to an assembly of students at Central High School on Thursday morning, after having only a few months to learn the language.

Josh Rosenthal is the coordinator for the program and said the program is trying to set the standard for Cultural Development throughout the Major League.

"Some of the guys just got here in June and some of them have only been here for a year and to get up in front of 400 people and talk in English in your second language for 2 minutes is a big accomplishment," said Rosenthal.

The program hopes to give the players the confidence and skills to perform on and off the field.

Currently the program through the Rockies organization teaches players during the off season and during spring training with the help of 5 teachers.

The teachers help the players learn about critical thinking, problem solving, and personal development skills.

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