GJ alert system mistake

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Many people may have received a phone call Tuesday morning as an emergency notification about the Riverside Parkway road closure, but the way it was sent out was a mistake.

There was an internal error when the notification was sent out.

"This morning we made a mistake, in that we inadvertently sent out a message on the emergency side of our notification system instead of the community side," said Kate Porras, the spokesperson for the Grand Junction Police Department.

Porras explains how the alert system has two different sides.

"One side is, when you need to send out a critical incident notification. If there is a fire, a flood, an evacuation that type of thing," said Porras.

Most of the emergency notification phone numbers are already contained in the emergency 911 database and the other side of the system is the community notification system.

"The community side is supposed to be used for things like road closures, which is what we had this morning and you can opt into that, you can sign up and request information when their is a road closure," said Porras.

And the community notifications is where Tuesday morning's road closure alert should have gone.

In the meantime, officials are working to make sure the mistake doesn't happen again.

"We are working to take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again, but the system is a vital tool in notifying people when their is an emergency," said Porras.

If you're already signed up for community alerts, you can opt out of certain notifications such as the road closure alert, but you can't opt out of the emergency notifications because Federal regulations don't allow people to be removed from 911 databases.

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