GJ authors head to Denver Comic Con

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Two Grand Junction authors are taking their book on the road to meet others with similar reading and writing interests.

Tyler Jolley and Sherry Ficklin are heading to the Denver Comic Con this weekend with their young adult novel "Extracted."

"Great way to meet readers and bloggers and people that care about your writing because ultimately that’s what makes the success of the book," said Tyler Jolley.

The book is a twist on the missing Romanov children bringing readers on a time traveling journey with Anastasia and Alexei.

The writing genre is considered steampunk and the book publishers decided to take a more creative route when it came to the online preview.

"Publishing houses will release the first chapter online as sort of a way to drum out publicity before it comes out," Sherry Ficklin said. "Our publisher went a step further and they made it a comic book."

Jolley and Ficklin will be at the Denver Comic Con Friday through Sunday.

They have attended the Comic Con in New York City before.

"Extracted" was published Nov. 2013 and it has made it to the Amazon Best Seller's List.

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