GJ ranked 10th for most divorces

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) We're called GRAND Junction; however, a new top 10 list makes that name a little ironic.

According to the American Community Survey and Calculations, Grand Junction ranks 10th on a list for the divorce capitals of the US.

A 2009 research study by Brown University found where you live may have an affect on your marriage. So why does Grand Junction have so many divorces? A local counselor thinks our individual sporting activities may play a role in why 'splitsville' might be a better name.

"There’s nothing wrong with doing those sort of things. I like to cycle as well, but if that becomes priority over a relationship, and if you want to make a marriage work, we need to spend, couples need to spend time together, need to be focused, need to be intentional about building and growing their relationship," says Stephen Anthony, a counselor at Grand Junction Counseling.

Anthony says it's a good idea to include your spouse on those activities or limit the time you spend doing those activities alone.

Panama City, Florida was listed as the number one divorce capitol in the US.

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