GJFD begins to phase in new engines

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The days of fighting fires with water are changing in the Grand Valley.

The Grand Junction Fire Department is beginning to replace some of its older engines with newer ones. Stations Two and Four have both phased in their new fire engines but besides being new, they have a few new features.

Instead of using water, these new engines have CAFS, or compressed air foam systems, which make for lighter hoses and faster extinguishing times.

"You’re introducing foam and water and air into the attack lines that we use to take into the structure fires. [Hoses are] going to be lighter, easier to maneuver, much more efficient and quicker than the water systems that we still currently have on a couple of rigs," Grand Junction firefighter and paramedic Eric Moyer said.

Fire Station Two says it has used the foam multiple times, and says they've seen many benefits to the new engines.

The fire department will continue to phase out its older engines and replace them with the CAFS models.