GJHS senior earns top ACT score

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Most high school seniors take the ACT and SAT, hoping their scores are high enough to land them in the college of their choice and one Grand Junction High School senior has her pick of schools, with a surprisingly good ACT score.

Lindsay Gnesios took her ACT last year with the rest of peers. While this advanced placement student expected to do well on her exam, she didn’t expect the results she received.

“I didn't really expect a perfect score; I just expected a good score," said Gnesios.

Amy Sue Javernick, has been Lindsay's teacher for the past four years and says she thinks differently than her peers, which has turned out to be a benefit.

"She's what you would call twice exceptional. She's gifted and talented and she has a speech/social disability to go along with that," said Amy Sue Javernick, a Special Education Teacher at Grand Junction High School.

What does this educator think is Lindsay's secret to scoring big?

“She rarely misses school, she's has to be pretty sick to miss school. She doesn't like to miss school because then she has to get caught up and she misses out on things, she likes being at school," said Javernick.

For this aspiring engineer, her ACT score of a 36 will make getting into college simple.

“It'll be easier because I know that I'll be able to get into a college that I apply for, or I'll have a good chance, but it'll also be harder because there are so many good ones that I could get into," said Gnesios.

Admission requirements at most universities require an SAT or an ACT test score.

For those students still looking to ace the ACT, you can actually take it up to 12 times, so we may see more success stories like Lindsay's in the future.

To put in perspective, just how rare a score like this is, officials at ACT say less than one-tenth of 1-percent of test takers earn a top score of 36.

And only three District 51 students over the past six years have earned a top ACT score.

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