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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) --- With schools out for the summer and many children out-and-about, parents are continuously looking for ways to keep tabs on their kids.

Now, new GPS tracking applications for smartphones are giving parents the ability to know where there children are at all times, without having to call them over-and-over.

Public information officer for the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Heather Benjamin, says that although the apps are convenient, parents are warned that they shouldn't be the "be-all end-all" way to know where their kids are.

"If they’re a small child, [you] might have eyes on them," says Benjamin. "You don’t want them to fall into a swimming pool and not be able to swim for example. If they’re an older teenager perhaps you might just want to be aware of exactly where they’re be or you might be more interested in just knowing who they’re going to be with."

Though the apps give parents an unobtrusive way to keep track of their kids, many teens feel that they will no longer have any privacy.

It kind of feels like they're watching your every move," says 8th grader Jillian Jansen. "I think that they're kind of overprotective and [we] don't really need it very much."

Some of the apps that are available for download include:
Family Tracker: $4.99
Find My Friends: FREE
Find My Kids: Footprints - $1.99-$5.99
GPS Tracking Pro: FREE
LIife360: FREE
Mamabear Child Tracking: FREE
Gizmoquip's SMS Tracker: FREE

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