Gambling prospects in Mesa County

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Amendment 68 aims to fix education funding issues throughout the state and boost local economies with some good old-fashioned horse races.

Should it pass in the November elections, Amendment 68 will allow limited gaming at the Arapahoe Park Horse Racetrack that will pour in approximately $114 million dollars in the statewide education budget and create a significant amount of jobs.

In addition, the measure will create prospective gaming opportunities in Mesa and Pueblo counties.

The “Yes on 68” campaign is gaining momentum, picking up a noteworthy endorsement from the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Just from the job creation alone, we think it has significant economic impact,” says Diane Schwenke of the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber supports Amendment 68 upon two contingencies specific to our area.

Mesa County's facility would include an events center and that funding would be collected to mitigate community impacts.

Should Amendment 68 pass in the November elections nearly three of the $114 million dollars would go directly to the Mesa County School District.

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