Gas explosion victims seek legal help

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Just weeks after the explosion that rocked 7th Street- victims are now seeking legal advice.

The catastrophic incident shook the students living in the home and the friend who were inside the home when it exploded. Now the victims are turning to lawyers for help.

Explosion victim Jordan Pierson is still emotional about the disaster which took place only weeks ago.

“It was tough right away. It was really busy, on-the-go crazy. Everybody wants to talk about it, everybody has questions,” said Pierson.

Slowly things are getting back to normal for the CMU student.

"It's awesome to be back around school -- you know what I mean -- just school, BBQs, just kinda getting back to life. It's relieving," explained Pierson.

Losing everything is hard and Pierson decided to seek legal advice. Attorney Keith Killian of the Killian and Davis Law firm is taking the case. Currently, the case is in a preliminary stage.

“The law firm is looking at the facts, looking at the legal issues and considering all those things before we make a decision on what recommendations we should make to our clients," said Killian.

Roberto Lopez is the other victim represented in the case. He did not live in the house, but was there when it exploded. The victim was fortunate to only sustain minor injuries.

“I’ve been still going to classes, still doing my homework. I had a test today so I thought it went pretty good," said Lopez.

Killian says in a case like this, it is important to get expertise.

“We'll be talking to experts that aware of the circumstances that caused the natural gas explosion," said Killian.

At this stage of the game, the attorneys are still doing their homework, researching the potential of the case, while Pierson and Lopez try to return to living a normal life.

“Now seeing that we're all getting our lives back on track, ya know what I mean- we have a bed to sleep in again," said Pierson.

“I always try to look forward, I hate looking in the past-- I just hate dwelling in the past," said Lopez.

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