Gas prices increasing nationally and in Colorado

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Colorado is fairing better compared to other places around the country with gas prices, but some are still sounding off on their fuel frustrations.

The average nationally for regular sits at about $3.68 according to While the average in our state is $3.59 there are some places in Grand Junction that are more.

"There are a select few gas stations around town that are a little bit higher than the rest of the and I tend to stay away from them," Joe Salazar.

Compared to the beginning of the month fuel in Colorado has gone up more than 10 cents a gallon in just a few weeks. AAA did a survey on the impact those prices will make on holiday travel. According to the results 665,000 Coloradans plan to drive 50 miles or more during Independence Day week. While those in the survey say prices won't affect their plans some here at home are more concerned.

"Taking a vacation I've got a company car so gas prices don't necessarily matter because they pay for it but if i had to pay for gas I'd probably try flying there before I'd drive there," Maz Mukayees.

Some tips from for fuel efficiency include avoiding high speeds, keeping tires inflated, packing lightly for long trips and even though it's pretty hot outside using air conditioning sparingly will take an extra load off the engine.

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