George the cat is the main act at Mesa Theater

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The next time you head into the Mesa Theater to catch an act, you might find yourself sitting next to an unexpected stranger. Meet one of the club's regulars, whose favorite cocktail might be a 'tom and jerry'.

So a cat walks into a bar and asks for milk on the rocks, if you're waiting for a punch line there isn't one. Meet George, right meow you can find him at the Mesa Theater. George has become one of the regulars, was there a cat in cheers?

Nevertheless George is one of the regular faces at the Mesa. Bartender Michelle Nelson says he's racked up quite the tab, but [George] is still everyone's favorite.

"The bands love it, everyone takes his picture, he's really popular with people and I think we forget because we are so used to him sitting at the bar, how odd it is, but when people come in who've never seen him before and watch him jump up and drink his water and have a treat they love it", said Nelson.

George was adopted by Nelson and another bartender. She says George has warmed up fast to the atmosphere and is even taking on a few odd jobs.

“He's in charge of the box office and greeting everybody, he's really good at it, sometimes if you aren't paying attention he will reach out and snatch you. His job though is to just entertain and he does that by just sitting there", said Nelson.

George is definitely no scaredy cat; he makes his rounds outside the theater, networking with nearby businesses. Triple Play Records is one of George’s favorite hangouts.

"He’s a chick magnet, he gets all the girls into the store and gets a lot of attention, but he likes to just come over and relax and get out of the hectic scene of the bar", said Matthew Cesario, Triple Play Records worker.

But when George is back bellied up to the bar he has to follow the rules like other patrons.

“Two paws, no no no, he's only allowed two paws on the bar. If he ever puts 4 on the bar you have to pound and say 'two paws' and he will jump down onto his chair and put his two paws up and sit real prim for you"

George has gotten national attention after having is picture posted online with the Shawn James band. His image has shown up on the Huffington post, Reddit, and Twitter.

He was even instagramed by comedian actor Nick Swardson. You can also friend him on Facebook by searching George cat.
One last note here Mesa Theater workers assure George is served non-alcoholic beverages at the bar, water or half and half only.

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