Glade Park residents get ready for wildfire season

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Tuesday night, many Glade Park residents gathered at their local fire station to get a handle on wildfire prevention.

Members of the Glade Park Fire Department and the Bureau of Land Management hosted the event in hopes of educating home owners in high-risk areas about keeping their house safe this summer.

One of the key issues covered was creating a defensible space around your home. Officials divided the space into two zones, totaling 100 feet that should be clear of flammable elements.

Some potentially hazardous objects that should be removed included; dying plants, fallen leaves, and combustible materials under decking.

One homeowner said he recently built a summer home in Glade Park and wants to be up to speed on preventing wildfires from harming his property.

"Oh yeah it's always on our mind because fire up here can be very detrimental," said Gary Garber.

Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Doug Paul said the snowpack levels this year can be misleading.

"Sometimes it may not matter how much snowpack we get, especially at these high elevations, with low humidity and high temperatures," said Doug.

Officials also encouraged homeowners to develop a family disaster plan as the final step to the "Ready, set, go" plan.

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