Global warming and the Colorado River

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Global warming and how it may change climates and affect the Colorado River has some in the valley concerned. On Monday, at Colorado Mesa University, a lecture was held focusing on the implications of global warming on the river.

Eric Kuhn, general manager of the Colorado River Water Conservation, spoke to students and Grand Valley residents. After the seminar the floor was opened up for questions and many of those in attendance were surprised by the things they heard.

"We’re looking at the possibility of a 9% decrease over the next 40 years in water on the Western Slope. 9 % decrease is a large decrease and we have to start thinking about that now and using water more wisely," says Pamela Gubkin.

"I was kind of surprised by the extent of agricultural use. I thought more of it was domestic because I know we're worried about low water levels and how it affects us, but it affects agricultural more than it affects domestic use it seems," says Bryce MaClennan, a CMU student.

The lecture was free to attend, and is part of the CMU weekly Natural Resources of the West seminar series. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, a conference on the Upper Colorado River Basin will be held on CMU’s campus. That conference does have a fee to attend.