Good time to help the Red Cross

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Statewide the American Red Cross has responded to six single-family house fires in the past three days alone. Half of those homes have been on the western slope. One home in Clifton suffered significant damage just Tuesday morning.

The other residences that caught fire and needed Red Cross assistance were homes in Montrose and in Durango. The other three homes that the Red Cross helped on were located in along the front range.

“This time of year we typically see a spike in house fires. A lot of times it's related to trying to heat the home some on conventional ways to heat the home or chimney fires, fire places, going out of control and so a lot of times it has to do with improper heating of the home," says Eric Myers, with the American Red Cross in Grand Junction.

Officials with the American Red Cross say they're always ready to assist those in situations like this. If you'd like to help the Red Cross so they can continue to help those in need the best way is to make a monetary donation.

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