Government shutdown looming

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WASHINGTON (NBC) We are now mere hours from a looming U.S. government shutdown.

At the center of the fight is a Republican demand that the President delay major parts of the affordable care act for a year.

Without an agreement on the federal budget by the end of today, here are some of the ripple effects:

About 40% of the nation's two million federal workers could be sidelined starting Tuesday if a deal isn't reached.

Some government workers would be furloughed, forced to take time off without pay.

However, government workers considered "essential" - like the military, the FBI, air traffic control, and the TSA -
are all staying on duty.

Vacation plans for millions would also change, because national parks and museums would be closed starting tomorrow.

That includes the Colorado National Monument, the Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park, and the Rocky Mountain National Park.

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