Governor Hickenlooper gets first look at mudslide sight

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COLLBRAN, Colo. Governor Hickenlooper flew over the area Saturday morning in a blackhawk with Congressman Scott Tipton, Sheriff Stan Hilkey, Mesa County Commissioner John Justman and Collbran Mayor pro-tem Jolynn Dorman.

The governor said he thought he was prepared for what he was going to see, but after flying over the scene he says it's inconceivable and bets it's one of the biggest slides recorded in thousands of years, "Seeing it is always different than reading about something or seeing photos or videos it's immense i wasn't sure my eyes were functioning properly."

Both Hickenlooper and Tipton are in touch with federal authorities and want every resource available to monitor the area to prevent another slide from happening. They also say they're supporting the Nichols and Hawkins families through this difficult time after three men remain missing, "When we lose three valuable members of the community it is certainly felt our hearts and prayers certainly go out for the entire community and Mesa County," Tipton.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office said Verizon will continue their work to install wireless boosters and the U.S. Forest Service will install cameras and evaluate the face of landslide. These efforts are moving toward creating a data bank that will allow creation of models and estimations to track the next slide before it happens.

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