Grand Junction 911 Center testing out a new voice

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Grand Junction's Communications Center is looking to keep people safe from fire emergencies with new technology.

The 911 Center is testing out a new digital voice alerting system.

When dispatch receives a fire call, a robotic voice, instead of a human, will alert fire fighters of the emergency. The voice will air the call type, address and what type of response is needed to all 12 area fire departments.

"Probably clips 10, 15 seconds off of what it takes a human to push a button, key up, open the pa system and then air the information," said Monica Million, of the 911 Center.

The Grand Junction and Clifton fire stations will have an additional system that airs the voice in the bedrooms as well.

"It’ll take them a couple weeks for their hearing to be trained but you have very consistent initial dispatching information." Million said.

The digital voice system will launch on November 18 once Communications Center and fire employees have worked out the kinks.

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