Grand Junction Parks and Rec saves money on their water bill

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The late arrival of warm weather saves Grand Junction Parks and Recreation some money on their water bill.

Cooler springtime weather delayed the usual watering plans for Parks and Rec this year.

The city's park organization manages and maintains 320 acres of developed land with 165 irrigation systems, so even one day off of watering conserves thousands of gallons of water.

"We can water some areas, everyday, some areas a little bit. what our strategy is that we try to meet the plant need," says Mike Vendegna of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation.

Parks and Recreation uses a computerized irrigation system works off the evapo-transpiration rate of the ground, tracking the rate that water evaporates from the soil.

This allows Parks and Rec to water only to the nutrient need of grass and plants.

Since it took longer for green to pop up around the city, it will also take longer for the ground to dry out this year.

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