Grand Junction VA Medical center honors volunteers

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. This morning over 60 volunteers received top honors. They gathered at Colorado Mesa University for an awards ceremony and lunch to celebrate all of the hours they have put in.

Wilda Pond, who was recognized for the most hours, has volunteered 17,500 hours of her time to the VA Medical Center over the years.

"I decided many years ago that I would rather give my time to the veterans because they were willing to give up their lives," Pond said.

Betty Teegarden was recognized for volunteering the second most amount of hours. She has been working as a greeter at the front desk for the VA for 16 years.

"I always say I have the best job in the whole hospital because I get to hug everyone who comes in the front doors," Teegarden said.

Today there were over 60 volunteers in attendance at the ceremony, but the VA has about 75 total that help out.

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