Grand Junction VA Medical Center under fire

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Grand Junction VA Medical Center finds itself among several other Veterans Affairs healthcare institutions being investigated for manipulating and falsifying wait times after its national audit.

According to an article published by USA Today, employees of several VA medical centers including Grand Junction were “encouraged,” and in some cases “instructed,” to reconfigure wait time data and keep some records off the books.

Our own Grand Junction VA was among those cited in the article with 27.3% of employees admitting to falsifying appointment wait time data and 18.2% stating they were tracking appointments outside the system.

The new information has many in the community talking.

“If they're guilty like anyone else for anything then be investigated and prove it and if they investigate and they show that they're not guilty then they should apologize to the VA and the staff,” says Marc Covey who’s currently being treated at the GJ VA.

An official statement by the VA states that the Grand Junction VA along with all other medical centers that indicated scheduling improprieties are under further review.

No further announcements will be released by the VA until those pending reviews are completed.

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